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Champs Sports - Montage

Method Design joined forces with Translation NY to create Instagram ads for Champs Sports with a series of intricate animated sneaker spots, showcasing a new range of sneakers available this holiday season. Method created 5 individual spots using various snowflake shapes and exploring the textural quality and colorways to these new sneakers. Symmetrical patterns and quick edits play front and center in this super-slick montage.


Design & Direction: Method Design
Creative Directors: Jon Noorlander, Shane Griffin
Art Director: Johnny Likens
Producer: Christos Mountzouros
Animation: Jon Noorlander, Johnny Likens.

3D: Yuri Serizawa, Ivan Guerrero Sari Rodrig, Jeongyeon Son,

Compositing: Yuri Serizawa, Shane Griffin, Jon Noorlander.
2D: Johnny Likens

Music: Rae Sremmurd - No Flex Zone (Instrumental).

Agency: Translation NY

Creative Director: Mat Jerrett
Senior Creative: Paul Wig
Art Director: John Briney
Executive Producer: Carole McCarty
Associate Producer: Philinese Kirkwood