Samsung - Center Stage

Samsung recently introduced massive interactive digital 'showrooms' for its home appliance line. The retail display called CenterStage, was built by the Barbarian Group using its open-source software Cinder, which won the first Cannes Grand Prix for innovation in 2013. Barbarian's task was to build an immersive shopping experience and resulted in a six-by-eleven foot wall with eight high-def displays and one 85 inch touchscreen showcasing a range of Samsung products in their actual size.

The Method Design team in New York relished the chance to work on this inventive project. They created 12 films consisting of dynamic animations and simulations highlighting Samsung's products. The films ranged from captivating photo-real, slow-motion animations of bubbles and water, through to flying utensils and laundry. Their goal was to create eye catching visuals aimed at enticing the viewers to interact with the display. Rather than rely on straight technical imagery, the animations were designed to inspire awe and play on light and natural themes.

The biggest challenge of the project was the sheer size of files needed to be rendered due to the enormity of the CenterStage screen. Data renders took a great deal of time but the resulting impact of the installation was worth every second and megabyte.

VFX Supervisor: Doug Luka
CG Supervisor: Andreu Lucio
Produced by: Method Studios NY

Agency: Barbarian Group