SBS - Documentary Promos

The Australian TV channel SBS prides itself on it’s documentary programming. This creative campaign of three spots shared by Method’s Sydney and Melbourne facilities sought to promote various documentary genres and highlight key show titles in an eye catching way. The strategy was to suggest that there is always more to uncover on SBS through their fresh and engaging content.

Utilizing iconic environments from the shows, the Method artists wanted the viewer to feel embedded in each scene – to hold it in their hands and interact with the story. Creative Director Richard Swan comments, “We created the illusion of being able to explore these scenes by manipulating the content and bringing those experiences to life”.

SBS supplied Method with a range of footage that was carefully reviewed to pick out shots which were visually interesting and clearly showcased the genre on offer. Live action hands were directed to look as if they were interacting with each layer. The artists used a predominantly 2.5D approach and in some instances entire scenes were rebuilt in 3D with additional CG FX to add interest and believability.

Design & Direction: Method Design
Production: Method Australia
Client: SBS