The Avengers - Main Titles

Method Design was awarded the mission of creating the main-on-end title sequence for this critically acclaimed Marvel blockbuster. The two minute sequence was created entirely in CG and portrays a photo realistic flyby of the super heroes' weaponry and armor - all in macroscopic detail. The titles were delivered in full stereoscopic 3D.

Design & Direction by Method Design
Creative Director: Steve Viola
Producer: Daniel Masciarelli
Concept Designer: Chris Sanchez
Designers: Bernard Crosland, Michael Sausa
CG Supervisor: Pouyan Navid
CG Lighter: Marko Mandaric
Lead 3D Designer: Jamie Sawyer
CG Artists: Omid Ensafi, Norris Houk, Ariel Loza
Stereo Compositing Supervisor: Troy Moore
Lead Compositor: Eva Snyder
Compositors: Krista Benson, Sandro Blattner, Ivy Depies, Sam Jorgensen, Ryan Quinlin, Toma Bowen, Ryan Urban, Nicholas Kim, Jeff Allen, Doug Bloom

Client: Marvel Studios