Monsters - Motion Poetry

Method was thrilled to participate in this year’s annual showcase of Motion Poems. The Motion Poems organization focuses on adapting the work of renowned contemporary poets to short films, combining different medias to bring poetry to a larger audience. 

The Method team chose "Monsters" by Dorothea Lasky as it felt deeply personal and allowed us to visualize this imaginative piece that blurs the frontier between dreams and reality.

We developed a custom paint stroke system in Houdini mixed with 3D animation techniques to translate this elusive world where nothing really is as it seems into fantastical moving paintings.

The film premiered at the Young People’s Poetry Day event held by the Poetry Foundation. 

A Film by: Method Design
Directed by: Ivan Girard
Creative Director: Jon Noorlander
CG Supervisor: Ivan Guerrero
Executive Producer: Angela Lupo
Producers: Emily Schaeberle, Adrienne Mitchell, Heather Saunders
Coordinator: Elias Bermudez
CG Lead: Sari Rodrig
Animators: Matt Hackett, Will Robinson, Sean Curran, Carlos Sandoval, Paul Wei, Sam Crees
Rigging: Ohan Bracha, Frank Naranjo
Modelers: Brian Di Noto, Orges Kokoshari, Piotr Glabinski, Ohad Bracha
Lighters: Claire Yawen Chang, Hubert Wozniak, Kevin Lu, Michael Marsek, Eric Xi
FX Lead: Tomas Slancik
FX Artists: Zach Lewis, Jeongyeon Son, Vraja Parra
Compositing Lead: Robert Nick Dauphinais
Compositing: Dave Chen, Urpsh Otashevich

Motion Poems:
Executive Producers: Todd Boss, Egg Creative, Lisa Effuses

“Monsters” by: Dorothea Lasky
“Monsters” by Dorothea Lasky, from Awe. Copyright © 2007 by Dorothea Lasky. Reprinted by permission of Wave Books.

Sound Recoded at: Digital Island Studios
Voice over: Isabel Guerrero
Original Score: Don Fierro & Emily Hope Price
Sound Design: Don Fierro
Cellist: Emily Hope Price